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Human Resources Management

  • Recruitment
  • Payroll and benefits management
  • Basic conditions of employment

Organizational Development

  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Design
  • Training and Development
  • Job Evaluation and grading

Employee Relations

  • Occupational health and safety
  • Wellness
  • Industrial matters
  • Employee engagement and culture
  • Employment equity

Job seeking

  • CV writing
  • Interview preparation
  • Career planning
  • Personal mission statements

Governance and Compliance

  • HR Audit
  • Legal frameworks
  • Internal and local guidelines

Expatriate Immigration and Customs

  • Work permits/visa
  • Citizenship
  • Assets and goods importation

Accounting and financial services

  • Consent letter
  • Income tax returns
  • Social security returns
  • NTA returns
  • Cash flow statements
  • Financial statements and financial report
  • Budgeting

Business registration and advisory

  • Close Corporation
  • PTY’s
  • NGO
  • Churches
  • Trust
  • Financial Institutions
  • Business profile

Support tools to help you run your organisations

The HR functions we offer includes but is not limited to:

6.1 Human Resources Management

6.1.1 Recruitment and Retention

➢ Design recruitment and selection guideline/policy

➢ Job identification methodology to determine the need
➢ Advertise the position
➢ Log, Prescreen and shortlist
➢ Conduct interview
➢ Final selection
➢ Reference or background check
➢ Offer and onboarding
➢ Induction
➢ Probation

We have an employment database with a pool of job seekers, categorized per industry, profession and level of employment while recruiters can engage us in the time of need. We also help organizations to make sure that their needed recruits stay for as long as possible by providing talent management and retention initiatives that suits the organization. We also help brand our clients as employers of choice in the market.

6.1 Human Resources Management

6.1.2 Compensation and Benefits Management 

➢ Develop compensation and benefits policy; 

➢ Design Salaries and benefits plans
➢ Payroll management 

➢ Salary and benefits benchmarking, survey, 

➢ Bonuses & Stock options

 ➢ Design group staff savings 

➢ Evaluate effectiveness and competitiveness of compensation plans on retention; 

➢ Ensure compensation equity among all employees. 

➢ Evaluate and determine the third-party contractors such as pension, tax and

6.1.3 Basic Conditions of Employment We help organizations to fulfil their legal obligations towards employees by making sure that conditions of employment are meeting the minimum requirements as per the Namibian Labour Act, competitive enough to brand one as an employer of choice.

6.2 Organizational Development

6.2.1 Strategic Planning
➢ Framework that fits your industry
➢ Review or develop business plans
➢ Financial proposals for funding request

6.2. 2 Organizational Design
➢ Governance structures
➢ Subcommittees

➢ Organogram
➢ Workforce planning
➢ Business work flow processes
➢ PESTLE Analysis
➢ SWOT Analysis
➢ Policy development

6.2.3 Training and Development
➢ Identify training needs; skills gap analysis
➢ NTA compliance and returns
➢ Design performance development plan for individuals
➢ Design annual development plan for the whole organization
➢ Training and Development policies/guidelines

6.2.4 Job Evaluation and Grading
➢ Job analysis
➢ Job specification
➢ Job description
➢ Job grading
➢ Grading appeals
➢ Integrating in compensation

6.2.5 Performance management
➢ Performance management policy
➢ Performance management guideline
➢ Performance hearing guidelines
➢ Planning – Set goals, agree on performance expectation
➢ Coaching – Performance development plan, train and mentor
➢ Review – Appraisal
➢ Reward – Thank or correct
➢ Develop performance management systems and tools;
➢ Conduct supervisory and employee training;
➢ Handle performance issues;
➢ Handle performance appraisal appeals
➢ Integrate performance management into the compensation system.

6.3 Employee Relations

6.3.1 Occupational Health and Safety
➢ Occupational health and safety program
➢ Safety audits
➢ Safety gear and tools handling guide
➢ Health safety committee
➢ Health and safety representative training
➢ Working environment design
➢ Evacuation plans

6.3.2 Employee Wellness
➢ Wellness programs and initiatives
➢ Emotional wellbeing
➢ Personal financial management
➢ Work and personal life balance
➢ Fun days and team building initiatives
➢ Alcohol and drug abuse policies
➢ Conflict management

6.3.3 Industrial Relations
➢ Code of conduct
➢ Grievance procedure
➢ Disciplinary procedure
➢ Misconduct investigation
➢ Initiating hearing
➢ Chairing hearings
➢ Representation in hearings
➢ Policies and guidelines
➢ Retrenchment preparations
➢ Salary negotiations
➢ Collective bargaining
➢ Union recognition agreement
➢ Employer and employee separation agreements
➢ Employment contract management

6.3.4 Employee Engagement
➢ Define employee engagement goals;
➢ Measure levels of employee engagement through surveys and Interviews;
➢ Make recommendations for optimizing employee engagement;
➢ Implement engagement initiatives;
➢ Measure initiatives’ success.

6.3.5 Employment Equity
➢ Affirmative action policy
➢ Affirmative action plan
➢ Affirmative action report
➢ Understudy program

6.4 Governance and Compliance.

6.4. 1 Human Resources Internal Audit
➢ Compliance
➢ Efficient allocation of financial resources to human capital

➢ Labor turnover rate
➢ Safety
➢ Departmental analysis
➢ Recommendation for improvements
➢ Audit check list for monitoring purpose

6.4.2 Legal framework
➢ International Labour Organization (ILO)
➢ Namibian Labour Act
➢ Namibian Constitution
➢ World Health Organization

6.4.3 Internal and local guidelines
➢ Internal policies and guidelines
➢ Government Gazettes

6.5 Expatriate Immigration and Customs

At times an organization will find a need to import talent, this process is not as easy as normal recruitment, it is a length excise that requires expertise like the one we posses to conclude in a short period and in compliance with the local immigration act.

We extend our services to the family of the expatriate, temporal importation of their assets, accommodation and children placement in local schools.

The first visa or work permit is not enough, permit needs to be renewed and that time the employer has a duty to justify the extension required, you are simply an employer with a different core business, please leave this to us, you never want to go through that frustration and neither do you want your new recruit to be demoralized with this bad